The Making of the “GNO” video

December 6th, 2013

Girls Night Out (GNO) Music Video – Click to View Here

It was a typical scenario at my house one early evening in the Spring of 2013. My kids were running around crazy, screaming, jumping on the couch, tugging on me and on each other. We had just finished dinner and I was staring down a load of dishes to be cleared and washed when all of a sudden…BAM!!! I got the inspiration for a fun, light-hearted song about being a mom and needing a girls night out.

I sat down that night and wrote the lyrics for Girls Night Out (GNO) in about 5-10 minutes. Usually I would come up with a guitar chord progression first and put a melody and lyrics to it, but this one was different. So far, I just had lyrics and I was laughing out loud as they came to me. My family is the love of my life and my priority but sometimes you’ve got to get together with your best friends and kick up your heels a little bit in order to come back home feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to rock.

I went into the studio with my longtime friend/music producer Steve Van Dam to record the song. Steve & I had been recording pop songs together for the past ten years. Weeks later when it was finished, I shared the song with my friend Kim Alley. Kim had a talent agency and had produced a television show called Virginia Top Model awhile back. I knew she would be the perfect person to help me produce a music video for the song.

I envisioned a spoofy video from start to finish that would celebrate the fun of “The Best of the GNOs” from our twenties and include all of the hilarious and “cheesy” things that happened “way back in the day” B.K. (Before Kids). Given the fact that I was now a happily married, “mature” mother of two, and my actual “Girls Nights Out” had become very tame (as well as few and far between), I knew that making this video would be a very comedic endeavor.

The cast was assembled from my extended group of beautiful women friends (some moms, some not), as well as through contacts that Kim had from her local modeling and talent agency connections. Husbands, boyfriends and guy friends were also recruited to play other comedic roles throughout the video.

We shot for two days on location and it could not have gone more perfectly. A very light-hearted approach was taken. Everyone seemed euphoric and excited to be part of such a fun production. It was the perfect cast & crew, perfect locations, perfect weather, perfect friends, perfect vibe. We had so much fun over those two days. I haven’t had that much fun and laughed like that in a long time.

Making the song and video meant a lot to me. To be able to dream up something in your mind and actually see it come to fruition is very rewarding. I think it’s a common sentiment to want to go out with your friends and be free for a night without a care in the world, no matter what your age. It makes it all the more sweet when you return back home!

Life goes by fast so pick your passion and follow it!